When sealing ceramic fiber paper, it is necessary to ensure the sealing effect. That is to say, its sealing must meet certain conditions, whether it is in a better environment or a harsh environment. To ensure a long-term and useful seal, and meet such requirements, generally have the following important characteristics, let’s take a look:


1. Airtightness: Regarding the medium of the sealing system, the gasket must ensure that there will be no leakage during a certain period of time under temperature and pressure operations.

2. Compressibility: The contact surface between the gasket and the flange should be well matched after the link bolt is tightened to ensure the sealing.

3. Creep resistance: Under the influence of pressure load and service temperature, the creep resistance should be better, otherwise it will cause the loss of bolt torque, resulting in the reduction of the external stress of the refractory fiber paper gasket, and then cause the system to leak.

4. Chemical corrosion resistance: The selected refractory fiber paper should not be corroded by chemical media, and can not corrode the media.

5. Resilience: Even when the system is stable, the two connected flanges will definitely have a small displacement due to the influence of temperature and pressure. The elastic function of the gasket should compensate for this displacement to ensure the tightness of the system.

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