The insulation of the potassium sulfate reaction furnace (Mannheim furnace) is composed of combustion chamber, reaction chamber, flue, stirring target, burner (two), feeder, and discharge port. The reaction chamber of the potassium sulfate furnace is below the combustion chamber, and the flue is below the reaction chamber. The heat generated in the combustion chamber radiates the materials in the reaction chamber, and the residual heat of the flue is fully absorbed by the reaction materials.


Potassium sulfate reaction furnace (Mannheim furnace) furnace lining insulation structure: 300mm1460 type zirconium-containing fiber module + 30mm1460 type high aluminum fiber blanket

The surface of the ceramic fiber module is coated with two layers of curing agent, which is resistant to corrosion and high wind speed.

The ceramic fiber modules are arranged in a platoon arrangement, and are arranged along the compression dimension direction of the ceramic fiber modules. A layer of ceramic fiber blanket with a thickness of 20mm is folded between the rows of ceramic fiber modules and then compressed, and fixed with a “U” nail at a distance of 500-700mm to be fixed on the ceramic fiber module to compensate for the possible shrinkage of the non-expanded surface of the fiber. This structure Can produce the best heat insulation effect.

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