In practical application, ceramic fiber blanket can be directly used for industrial furnace expansion joint filling, furnace wall heat insulation and sealing materials; ceramic fiber blanket is a semi-rigid plate-shaped refractory fiber product with good flexibility, which can meet the needs of construction and long-term use under normal temperature and high temperature strength.
When used as lining material, it can be used for thermal insulation lining of industrial furnace, metallurgical furnace, petrochemical reaction device, as well as thermal insulation lining of metal material heat treatment furnace, ceramic kiln, etc.
When used as thermal insulation material, it can be used for filling and heat insulation of industrial furnace wall, filling and heat insulation of furnace wall refractory brick and refractory insulation brick, heat insulation of aircraft jet pipe, jet engine and other high temperature pipes, welding parts of slow cooling large diameter steel pipe and bending of large diameter pipe during steel pipe manufacturing and processing.
In addition, it can also be used for insulation of long-distance gas supply pipeline. When using high-quality ceramic fiber blanket for insulation, when the thickness of insulation layer is not less than 180mm, it can meet the requirements of f530mm × 20mm long-distance gas supply pipeline insulation optimization.
Due to its soft formability during construction, the ceramic fiber blanket can be applied to all kinds of complex heat insulation parts. After drying, it becomes a light, surface hardened and elastic heat insulation system, and its wind erosion resistance is up to 30m / s.


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