Through the recent market survey, we found that many customers do not understand the heat conduction function of aluminum silicate fiber paper very well. Today, I will share the relevant information with you, hoping to arouse your attention and let you have a deep understanding of aluminum silicate fiber paper. In this way, when you buy and use aluminum silicate fiber paper, you can have a clear idea, and you are not afraid of being cheated. I hope it will be helpful to you.
The heat of aluminum silicate fiber paper is transferred along the fiber, and few fibers are perpendicular to the hot surface. In addition, the fibers are overlapped with each other, which increases the thermal resistance of heat conduction. Therefore, the heat conduction in the aluminum silicate fiber paper is not significant.
The fiber in aluminum silicate fiber paper is not transparent, which makes the thermal rays can not penetrate the fiber, and the fiber is very fine, so it can not well withstand the thermal radiation, so the heat transfer effect is not significant. Convective heat transfer of gas. Because the ceramic fibers are overlapped with each other, a lot of air chambers are formed in the ceramic fiber paper. These air chambers store a lot of air, which makes the air unable to move freely and generally stops relatively. The heat absorbed by the gas can only be transmitted in the gas by conduction, and because the gas has a very small thermal conductivity in the stopped state, it is impossible for fiber paper to use gas for heat transfer.


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