Recently, many customers have contacted us and asked us about the problems they encountered in the use of ceramic fiber blanket. I hope we can help them. Today, I’d like to discuss with you the knowledge about the pipeline construction of ceramic fiber blanket in these problems, hoping to bring inspiration and help to our customers and friends, and let you have a good understanding of ceramic fiber blanket Deep understanding. In this way, we can also have a clear idea when we use it in the future, and play the greatest role of ceramic fiber blanket.
In many pipeline insulation process, ceramic fiber blanket is often used for pipeline insulation. However, how to carry out pipeline construction? Generally, the construction method is winding construction.
Take out the ceramic fiber blanket from the packing box (bag) and unfold it. Cut the fiber blanket according to the peripheral perimeter of the pipeline, wrap the blanket on the pipeline and bind the fine iron wire. Some use aluminum foil instead of the fine iron wire for wrapping. This is for beauty. The construction is carried out according to the same method to the required thickness, and the protective treatment is carried out according to the requirements. Generally, glass fiber cloth, glass fiber reinforced plastic, galvanized iron sheet and linoleum are used Aluminum sheet, etc. The appearance is more beautiful after adding aluminum sheet.
It is generally required that the wrapped ceramic fiber blanket should be solid without gaps and leaks. In the construction process, attention should be paid to: firstly, the ceramic fiber blanket should be cut with a straight edge and sharp cutting tools, and should not be torn; secondly, the ceramic fiber blanket construction should pay attention to protection, and should not be trampled and rolled; finally, the ceramic fiber blanket construction should take necessary measures to avoid rain and other soaking.


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