Recently, many customers contacted us and asked us about the problems they encountered during the use of ceramic fiber modules. We hope that we can help them. Today, I will share with you the knowledge about ceramic fiber module, let’s discuss it together, hope to bring inspiration and help to our customers and friends, and let everyone have a deep understanding of ceramic fiber module.
1. The quality, content, impurity and stability of raw materials for ceramic fiber module were studied.
2. The proportioning and grading of refractory aggregate and powder as well as their fineness.
3. Binding agent (model or label and dosage).
4. Mixing and adding amount of raw materials and water cement ratio of ceramic fiber module.
5. The influence of acidity and alkalinity on pH value.
6. The construction and maintenance of ceramic fiber module, as well as the baking temperature and seasonal changes of fiber module (construction temperature).
7. Shelf life of fiber modules.
8. Production process and operation.
9. The physical and chemical properties, physical and chemical indexes and technical parameters of ceramic fiber module (bulk density, apparent porosity, flexural and compressive strength, load softening temperature, linear change rate, etc.).
10. The use environment and change of ceramic fiber module (factors affecting the use effect of fiber module).
11. The same product performance of different fiber module manufacturers is also different.


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