The heating hood of the bell type furnace is a cylindrical structure, lined with refractory. The flame furnace usually has two or three rows of burners along the tangent line at the lower part of the heating hood. Because the production cycle of full hydrogen convection bell type furnace is 42h, the heating time is about 22h, the heating hood works periodically, and frequently suffers the thermal shock of heating cooling and the mechanical shock of frequent lifting, the refractory materials are required to have good characteristics of quick cooling and heating resistance, mechanical vibration resistance, good thermal insulation, high thermal sensitivity, high temperature resistance, light weight and so on.
Although all the properties of the ceramic fiber module meet the requirements, the resistance to mechanical vibration and airflow erosion is limited, so it is suitable for the upper part of the bell type furnace, and the lower part is made of fire-resistant fiber composite precast brick.
The insulation structure of the ceramic fiber module is: the tile blanket is combined with the ceramic fiber module, the compensation strip is placed in the non expansion direction of the module, and the heat-resistant steel anchor is embedded in the interior of the ceramic fiber module, which does not directly contact the flame and has no thermal short circuit. The structure is scientific and reasonable, the anchorage is firm, the thermal shock resistance and mechanical vibration resistance are strong, the energy-saving effect is remarkable, the construction is convenient and fast, and the effect is satisfactory satisfied.


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