Refractory castable is a kind of granular and powdery refractory material made of refractory materials, which is composed of a certain amount of binder and water, and has high fluidity. It is suitable for forming amorphous refractory by pouring.
Classification of refractory castables:
According to porosity: there are two kinds of dense castables and insulating castables with porosity not less than 45%.
According to the binder: there are hydraulic bonding, chemical bonding and agglomerating bonding castables.
According to the refractory aggregate, there are clay aggregate (30% – 45% of alumina), high alumina aggregate (45% of alumina), silica aggregate (85% of SiO2% of 26ge) and alumina% of 26lt; 10%), alkaline aggregate (magnesia, dolomite, etc.), special aggregate (carbon, carbide, spinel, zircon, nitride, etc.) and heat insulation aggregate (perlite, vermiculite, ceramsite, floating bead, light brick sand, porous clinker, alumina hollow ball, etc.).
Characteristics of refractory castables
1. The strength depends on the bond strength of the bond;
2. After pouring and vibration, the mixture can be arranged closely to fill the model.
3. The curing agent shall be hardened according to the curing characteristics
Advantages of refractory castables
1. The process is simple
2. Energy saving
3. Low cost
4. Convenient for mechanized construction


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