The masonry starting point of rotary kiln should be selected from the hot end to the cold end or from the low end to the high end. Ceramic fiber board is a commonly used refractory material in industry. After special processing, it has certain high temperature resistance, wind erosion resistance and other properties. In addition, the manufacturer also has a special processing significance and screening of raw materials. Let’s learn about it The masonry method of ceramic fiber board.
1. The felt is applied layer by layer, and then riveted with bolt rod. Generally, the temperature resistant metal bolt is used below 1222 ℃ and the ceramic riveted part is used above 1223 ℃. The end close to the hot surface is filled with loose fiber and heat-resistant cement. Ceramic riveting parts can also prevent fiber deterioration caused by carbon deposition.
2. Prefabricated components, i.e. prefabricated parts stacked with felt blanket or folded into accordion type prefabricated parts with a width of 305 mm.
The above is the masonry method of ceramic fiber board in use, we can refer to the above content when masonry construction, so as to help you better masonry construction and ensure the quality.


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