The thermal insulation layer of industrial kilns generally adopts a full fiber structure. The material has high temperature resistance, low thermal conductivity, thermal shock resistance and stable chemical properties, and has outstanding thermal insulation effects.

The thickness of the furnace wall insulation layer is usually no less than 350mm; among them, 300mm folded blocks + two layers of 30 thick or one layer of 50 thick flat carpets, and the surface is sprayed with curing agent to form a protective layer to extend the service life and enhance the wind erosion resistance.

In the process of use, attention should be paid to avoid applying it to the kiln atmosphere of strong acid, strong alkali or sulfide gas, so as to avoid erosion and corrosion of refractory fibers, resulting in surface hardening, powdering, and delamination.

With reasonable application scheme and proper maintenance, the service life of ceramic fiber module lining is more than 5 years, and some furnace models can reach 10 years.


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