If the production of ceramic fiber paper fails, it will not be easy to pass the characteristics and characteristics of its own, and it will not be able to achieve the actual effect expected by the customer. Therefore, once the product is manufactured, it needs to accept the function test, so what is the test standard? The editor will announce the answer to you.

Experimental preparation for measuring performance: qualified ceramic fiber paper, measuring standard, measuring method.

Use a standard chemical fiber dissociator to scatter chemical fibers immediately, then carry out force foundation settlement and slag removal, add adhesive, use paper copying device for copying, use sprayer to carry out surface layer glue adjustment, or choose a concentration value of three The solution of aluminum oxide aqueous solution is pre-soaked.

The main processes of making ceramic fiber paper using wet process include beating, centrifugal deslagging, dispersing and dispersing, sheeting, and drying to determine the paper-related properties.

Use a dryer for drying, and after drying, it is used for performance measurement.

Ignition loss for warm blood performance measurement, loss on ignition after high temperature (620~750℃) burning, the key includes the net weight of the structure water, the net weight of the blending material is lost due to burning, a key indicator of the loss on ignition aluminum silicate fiber Value, the lower the loss on ignition, the better the heat resistance of the product.

The physical properties are measured according to the national standards of paper products, including quantitative (GB/T451.2-1989), thickness (GB/T451.3-1989) and tensile strength (GB/T456-1989).


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