Ceramic fiber board is a very good refractory material with very strong performance, so generally speaking, it will not suddenly appear cracked during use. Therefore, if the board suddenly cracks when using it, it means that the material quality of the board is not up to standard, there are certain problems, and it cannot be used. Then again, what is the cause of the sudden cracking of the board during use?

1. During the heat treatment of the ceramic fiberboard, due to the high temperature, the carbides are completely dissolved and the crystal grains are coarse; at the same time, the tempering is not sufficient, resulting in increased residual stress and increased brittleness;

2. During the fiberboard grinding process, the feed rate is too large, resulting in insufficient cooling, which causes the surface to form a large thermal stress and structural stress, superimposed on the residual stress, and easy to cause grinding cracks.

3. Incorrect use of ceramic fiber board, causing the board to suddenly crack during use.

Therefore, whether you are buying ceramic fiberboard or before using it, you must do relevant inspections to ensure that the quality of the purchased board is correct, and then you can use it in the correct way, so that it can be used in large To a certain extent, it avoids sudden cracking of the board during use.


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