According to the needs of the market, shuttle kilns have been widely used in ceramics, refractory materials, electrical porcelain and building materials industries. During the operation of the kiln, the temperature, atmosphere, pressure and various flow rates in the kiln will follow As external conditions or internal factors change, how to choose the lining form of shuttle kiln?

1. Due to the high cost of the all-fiber shuttle kiln, and the relatively poor energy-saving effect of the second form, the kiln workers designed a small one-time investment according to the actual situation of the domestic market and relatively improved energy-saving measures The third form is to paste a layer of 30-50mm thick high-temperature fiber on the inner light insulation brick. If the materials are properly matched, some investment can be reduced.

2. The inner layer of the inner lining is converted from 230mm thick lightweight heat insulation, the outer layer is made of 70-100mm thick ordinary aluminum silicate fiber material for heat preservation, the outer layer is made of steel welded frame, and the outer layer is covered with steel plate for protection The internal refractory material, the top of the kiln is built with wedge-shaped bricks into an arched structure, and the light-weight insulation bricks used are also high-aluminum or mullite light-weight insulation materials. This material is used as the lining of the gas kiln Except that the firing process consumes a little more fuel than the above-mentioned forms, in other aspects, it is basically the same as the all-fiber kiln, especially if the application of better light insulation materials, plus one-time The investment cost is lower than that of the whole fiber, so this kind of kiln is very thin and popular among domestic ceramic companies.

3. Furnace lining is all made of high-temperature fiber multi-layered shafts. It is fixed on the kiln wall bracket with ceramic anchors. The thickness of the lining is about 150-200mm. The top adopts a flat roof structure and is also fixed with ceramic anchors. The high-temperature fiber or high-temperature fiber is hung on the beam on the roof of the kiln. The high-temperature fiber used is zirconium-containing fiber or high-purity alumina mixed fiber. The long-term use temperature is 1350 degrees Celsius or 1450 degrees Celsius. The ability of using high-temperature fiber as furnace lining to heat insulation is light. It is 1.4 times that of high-quality thermal insulation bricks, which can thin the kiln wall and kiln roof by 51%. The heat storage of the shuttle kiln wall is reduced, which avoids the lagging of the high temperature period caused by the large heat capacity of the kiln wall. It can achieve rapid firing, and the kiln wall has less heat storage, which is beneficial to the control of the temperature curve in the kiln and the uniformity and stability of the kiln temperature, so as to achieve the purpose of improving the quality of ceramic products.


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