When the roller kiln is used for work, relevant explosion-proof measures must be taken to improve work safety and avoid danger in the kiln. So how should the explosion-proof measures of the roller kiln be done?

1. The equipment and pipes of the roller kiln should have an explosion-proof system composed of complete control devices and detection instruments.

2. When the gas equipment and pipeline are overhauled, the gas source should be reliably cut off, and the gas inside the gas facility should be purged and replaced.

3. Before the roller kiln starts and runs, it is necessary to debug the alarm instrument interlock setting, adjust the pressure value of the alarm and interlock action, and test whether each interlock valve switch is correct.

Therefore, when you use the roller kiln, these three tasks must be in place to improve work safety, but in addition, you must take protective measures for yourself, so that the double guarantee can be greater. To avoid danger.


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