Through this period of understanding, I believe that everyone is no stranger to ceramic fiberboard, but these contents are not enough for customers who want to know more about this product. Today, the editor will share the knowledge about the production process of ceramic fiberboard with you, hoping to attract everyone’s attention and let everyone have a deep understanding of ceramic fiberboard. In this way, when buying and using ceramic fiberboard, everyone can know what they are in. Don’t panic and hope to inspire and help everyone. Please see the specific explanation below:

The production process of ceramic fiberboard adopts the high-temperature melting method, which is to form a solid state of high-temperature lava liquid of nearly 2000 degrees in a few seconds. The microstructure of the solid formed under this quenching condition is very different from that of the solid before the raw material is melted. Due to the rapid solidification of the high-temperature liquid, the cooling rate is much greater than the diffusion rate of the yard in the microstructure of the object, so the process of crystal lattice formation and arrangement does not proceed, so that the microstructure in the object forms an unstable structure, that is, the object is interposed. stable state. This meso-stable state object maintains a certain potential energy. Under certain conditions (such as temperature rise creates conditions for atomic diffusion), it will release internal energy to transform into a stable state tissue structure. The first step of the transformation is In the glass phase, the atoms begin to rearrange, that is, crystallization or devitrification.


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