Among the current industrial thermal insulation materials, the most commonly used thermal insulation materials are aluminum silicate thermal insulation materials and rock wool, both of which have a certain thermal insulation effect, but the prices of these two products are very different. So what are the specific differences between these two products that lead to huge price differences?

First of all, it is easy to distinguish from the appearance of the color. The color of rock wool is yellow, and the aluminum silicate insulation material is white. This is the most intuitive difference. Second, the difference in temperature resistance is relatively large. This is also the main reason for the large price difference. Generally, the use temperature is below 600℃, while the temperature resistance of aluminum silicate insulation material is 900-1400℃, especially in the manufacturing industrial furnace, the temperature is around 800-900℃ or 1000℃, so aluminum silicate is very suitable Thermal insulation materials for industrial kilns, including needle-punched blankets, fiber modules, fast folding, and fiberboards.

The uses of rock wool are also very wide. The common terms are pipe insulation, boiler insulation, large-scale steel frame insulation, and now the insulation in the construction industry can also use rock wool, so these two uses are also different.

Some rock wool will be added with a water-repellent agent to prevent moisture and not afraid of water, but the aluminum silicate insulation material cannot achieve the waterproof effect. If the aluminum silicate insulation cotton contacts water, it will greatly reduce the thermal insulation effect, which is also in storage. And one aspect that pays great attention to during transportation.


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