In steelmaking plants, ladle is often used as a device for carrying molten steel. In order to reduce the heat loss of molten steel, the requirements for thermal insulation performance of ladle are also very strict. Ladle insulation is mainly in two parts, one is the ladle cover, and the other is the main body.

Ladle cover insulation generally uses zirconium-containing aluminum silicate needle-punched blankets and zirconium-containing aluminum silicate fiber modules. The refractory temperature of zirconium-containing aluminum silicate insulation cotton is generally about 1300 ℃, and the content of zirconium is 15-17%, but during use If you come into contact with molten steel, it is difficult to resist the temperature of molten steel, so the frequency of use is relatively high!

The most important thing is the insulation of the main body below. The main body is mainly molten steel in it. Therefore, the insulation performance requirements are very high. Normally, the innermost layer uses nanoboard as the most insulation material. Nanoboard is a very good insulation material so far. Compared with traditional The performance of aluminum silicate thermal insulation cotton is 3-4 times better. The use of 10mm thick nano-board for thermal insulation is equivalent to 30-40mm thick aluminum silicate thermal insulation cotton, so nano thermal insulation materials are also the future development trend.

Nanoboard construction is also very convenient. It can be glued or directly fixed with anchors. According to size splicing, there is also a foldable aerogel felt for nano thermal insulation materials, which is also very convenient for construction.

The innermost layer of the ladle is insulated with nanoboards, and then castables are used on the outside of the nanoboards, and thermal insulation cottons are used on the outside of the castables. Nano thermal insulation materials should not directly contact the hot surface during use. Such products only serve as thermal insulation.

The use of nanomaterials in petrochemical, machinery, construction and other industries is becoming more and more obvious. With the future development, nanomaterials will gradually eliminate traditional insulation materials.


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