As the most commonly used thermal insulation material, aluminum silicate insulation material has many advantages. It is composed of silica and alumina. The material itself is safe for the human body and does not produce harmful substances, but the biggest The problem is dust pollution. Aluminum silicate thermal insulation materials are all fibrous. During the production process, there will be a large amount of dust-like fibers floating in the air. These dust particles are inhaled into the lungs, some are excreted from the body, and some remain The lungs will affect people over time, so indirectly, there will be some pollution to the air.

Therefore, in the production process of the workshop, employees are required to wear work clothes and filter breathing devices for work. Even during the handling or construction process, they are required to wear work clothes and masks. Some people’s skin is directly exposed to aluminum silicate insulation materials. There are allergies, so gloves are also essential tools.

Although aluminum silicate insulation material is an energy-saving material in the industry, as an enterprise, the responsibility of environmental protection must be heavier than Mount Tai.


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