Aluminum silicate insulation materials are currently used in a wide range, including industrial furnaces, furnaces, heating furnaces, trolley furnaces, petrochemicals, etc., will see the shadow of aluminum silicate insulation materials, and the relatively large amount is generally in the chemical industry or steel plants, then silicon What are the main advantages of acid aluminum insulation materials?

First of all, it is light in weight. Unlike traditional thermal insulation bricks, which are heavy in weight and inconvenient for construction, aluminum silicate thermal insulation materials will not affect its performance after tensile and bending, but traditional thermal insulation materials cannot achieve such effects. There is no need to leave expansion joints during the construction process, and the construction personnel can quickly construct after simple training. The impact on construction technology is very small! Because the product has good flexibility and elasticity, it is not easy to be damaged no matter it is impacted and transported.

In the process of using traditional industrial kilns, there is a baking process after the construction is completed, but the process of using aluminum silicate insulation cotton is directly passed off, and the construction can be put into use, which is simple and convenient or saves time. The aluminum silicate needle-punched blanket produced by Shandong Redun High-Temperature Material Co., Ltd. has good tensile strength, low slag ball content, and various types, which can be applied to various industries.


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