Through this period of understanding, I believe that everyone is no stranger to aluminum silicate needle punched blankets, but these contents are not enough for customers who want to know more about this product. Today, the editor will share the knowledge about aluminum silicate needle punched blanket with you, hoping to attract everyone’s attention, so that everyone has a deep understanding of aluminum silicate needle punched blanket. In this way, when you buy the aluminum silicate needle-punched blanket, you can know it well and don’t panic. I hope to inspire and help you. There are two main forms of synthetic aluminosilicate needle felt. One is silica-alumina gel, including silica-alumina gel containing molecular sieve. The silicone-aluminum microsphere glue formed by the oil column was first seen in 1949. Silica-alumina gel and silica-alumina gel containing molecular sieve are mainly used as catalytic cracking catalysts for petroleum refining. Catalytic cracking is a major advanced processing method and an important method for producing basic components of aviation gasoline and high-grade motor gasoline.

The other is precipitated aluminum silicate. Precipitated aluminum silicate is an “extender” for white pigment titanium dioxide. Due to its optical isolation effect, when used to replace 10-25% of titanium dioxide in white paint, The hiding power of the white paint film does not decrease, and the whiteness is improved. Therefore, it is used in indoor and outdoor water-based emulsion paints and various solvent-based white paints. Due to this “incrementing agent” effect of aluminum silicate, the cost of coatings can be greatly reduced without affecting the quality of the coating film.


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