Ceramic fiber module is a new type of thermal insulation material. The quality of construction and the specification of technical requirements are very important. The following article explains the effect of construction quality of this material on the damage of ceramic fiber lining. Let’s come together Check it out.

1. The impact of ceramic fiber module lining construction quality on ceramic fiber lining damage Generally speaking, seven points are described and three points are constructed.

2. The backing layer is laid flat, it is necessary to strictly shrink to the required thickness according to the drawing requirements, and the gap between the layers of the blanket must be staggered, and the amount of staggering is not less than the drawing. It is necessary to hold fast cards tightly to avoid rebounds.

3. The ceramic fiber module device is installed block by block and row by row to ensure that when the nut is tightened in place, the device pays attention to the compensation bar between the rows. When installing, strictly describe the requirements according to the drawings and shrink to a regular thickness. In order to avoid falling, the compensation strip must be fixed on the ceramic fiber module with U-shaped nails. After adjusting the protective plate and the middle plastic tube, it is necessary to carefully check the holes in the casing and the module gaps, especially the corners.

4. When the anchor nails are welded and routed, it is necessary to take the center line of the wall plate as the reference and route to both sides, strictly follow the drawing drawings to make the bolt orientation symbols, and practice the cumulative error of the scale that can be displayed in the line. Anchor nails must be welded straight to the wall of the furnace. The error of the adjacent middle distance between the bolts is ≤2mm, and the error of the arbitrary two distances is ≤±3mm. It is necessary to pay attention to the thread maintenance of the anchor bolts. Welding must be strong. After welding, check the welding quality by hammering and twisting one by one to understand the welding slag.

5. The fabric is trimmed, and the surface of the ceramic fiber fabric must be flat and dense. For the holes in the casing, it is necessary to adjust the folded layer or fill it with ceramic fiber cotton. It is necessary to fill the gaps between the ceramic fiber modules with half fiber cotton filling method for trimming.

As a new type of thermal insulation material, the accuracy of construction and installation of ceramic fiber modules has an important impact on the operation of the overall equipment. You can generally understand the impact of the construction quality of the product on the damage of the furnace lining according to the explanation in the article. So that everyone can make better use of the product.


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