There are many brands of fiberboard on the market, all of which have different prices. So what are the manufacturing principles of the fiberboard? Let’s take a look with the editor below.

The blown fiber (short, thin, easy to break and mix) is used as the raw material of the ceramic fiber board, and a certain proportion of binder and filler-level additives are added. After the beater, the slurry is fully dispersed in the mixing tank. Use a pump to drive into the forming tank and stir with compressed air. Put the mold into the forming tank and use the principle of vacuuming to make the fiber slurry adsorb on the mold. Accurately control the adsorption time, vacuum dehydration of the wet fiber material, demold, put it on the tray and send it to the drying oven to dry for 10-24 hours. The dried fiberboard is accurately controlled in size through a special grinding machine and trimming machine.

The above is the production principle of ceramic fiber board. Through its production principle, it can be seen that the board is a product with very good product quality and great use effect, but it should be noted that no matter how good the product is, it needs to be installed and used correctly to make it work The effect is fully exerted.


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