Ceramic fiber paper has good performance, because inorganic fiber itself has no bonding, so it is often necessary to use a binder. The organic binders used in ceramic fiber paper include acrylic resins, polyurethane emulsions, polyvinyl acetates, polymers of acrylonitrile and butyl acrylate, polyvinyl alcohol, etc. These organic materials can cause problems when used at high temperatures. Odor and harmful gas generation, reducing the quality of paper, etc., so colloidal silicon, sodium silicate, aluminum phosphate and other inorganic adhesives are often used. The ceramic fiber paper organic binder will be completely ablated during high-temperature use.

Ceramic fiber paper is made of high-purity ceramic fiber cotton. The organic binder and inorganic binder are used in the field of high temperature insulation. The advanced production technology makes the fiber distribution very uniform. The thickness and bulk density of the paper It can also be strictly controlled.

The organic matter of ceramic fiber paper can undergo high temperature oxidation at 300℃-900℃ and gradually volatilize. With slight smoke, the toughness and strength of the fiber paper will decrease after volatilization, and the brittleness will increase, but it will not affect the insulation effect. It is recommended that electric ovens, microwave ovens and other food appliances should first cut the ceramic fiber paper into the size and shape used, and carry out inorganic treatment before installation and use to eliminate organic matter. Other industrial heat treatment furnaces can be used directly without the influence of organic matter; those with high environmental requirements can be preheated in an empty furnace to 600°C for 6 hours to eliminate organic matter before processing the workpiece to prevent smoke from polluting the workpiece.


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