The ceramic fiber blanket is made into fibers by continuous melting and continuous spinning in a high temperature furnace without charge reheater, and needle forming on both sides; chemical fibers are long, thick and well-proportioned, with high compressive strength, strong cyclone erosion resistance, and good heat resistance .

Through the heat treatment of the blanket heating furnace, the ceramic fiber product can be phase-transformed in advance, reducing the high temperature gathering of the product in the whole process of application; in addition, the selection of high-quality raw materials and production process flow can reasonably reduce the residue content in the product and improve the product The heat resistance.

Therefore, the thermal insulation performance of the ceramic fiber blanket is so stable, and it has high-quality organic chemical heat resistance. Therefore, when customers choose this product for thermal insulation pipes, they can use it with peace of mind, so that they can have sufficient thermal insulation properties. , Play out steadily.


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