Ceramic fiber is a very good sealing product, so what is the usability of this product? What is the price of the product? In today’s content, we will give you a detailed introduction. This product has successfully replaced some traditional product applications and can withstand higher temperatures.

Ceramic fiber is made of fine ceramic fiber thread. We can also process it according to the customer’s needs. We can also make enhanced products according to the actual requirements of customers, so that they can be more mature High temperature. For example, they can be better applied to the sealing of various material burners or heat exchangers, etc. The effect is very satisfactory, and the sealing performance is very stable. In products woven with fine ceramic wires, the temperature can reach more than 1,000 degrees Celsius, and there is no problem if they are exposed to a high temperature for a long time.

The quality of ceramic fiber directly determines the sealing problem. I think that if you buy products with unstable quality, very large losses will be caused in the later production process. Therefore, in order to meet the standards, everyone must be special in the purchase process. Carefully purchase products from responsible manufacturers.


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