Aluminum silicate fiber blanket is a kind of heat-resistant insulation material. In many cases, we can only see what its function is for, but we rarely understand the characteristics of the product and the prone problems of the product. For example, why does the thermal conductivity decrease when we use fiber blankets at high temperatures? So, the editor below will give you a brief introduction.

When the aluminum silicate fiber blanket is at a high temperature of 1000℃, its thermal conductivity is only 15% of that of refractory clay bricks. It has such a low thermal conductivity, which can be analyzed from the following aspects:

1. Temperature. The thermal conductivity will correspond to the bulk density at different temperatures. Generally speaking, the bulk density will increase as the temperature rises.

2. Bulk density. The increase in bulk density will reduce the thermal conductivity of the aluminum silicate fiber, but the extent of this decrease is in a trend of decreasing. When the bulk density increases beyond a certain range, the thermal conductivity will not decrease but increase.

The above is the reason why the thermal conductivity of the aluminum silicate fiber blanket decreases at high temperatures, mainly because of the temperature and the bulk density of the product. Through the introduction in the above article, we have learned that temperature is directly proportional to the bulk density of the product. When the bulk density exceeds the range, the thermal conductivity of the product will increase accordingly, and vice versa.


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