In most cases of insulation engineering, everyone has a series of points to pay attention to. During the construction process of all insulation materials, if they cannot be well maintained, it is easy to cause them to be used later. There are a series of problems. An insulation material such as aluminum silicate fiber felt is very reliable for most of my friends, but if you want to use it well in the process of use, then you must Master the most correct method of use, do you know some of their applications in actual use?

After some of the anti-corrosion materials before, their performance may become worse and worse. Therefore, the various anti-corrosion properties will gradually weaken, so that the entire aluminum silicate fiber felt The material has a certain degree of anti-corrosion performance. Under normal circumstances, a series of corrosion phenomena rarely occur. In addition, aluminum silicate fiber felt has some characteristics of absorbing noise, and they can be widely used in building construction. .

The aluminum silicate fiber felt itself has low thermal conductivity, their heat capacity is also very low, they have very high-quality chemical properties, and their series of other properties are also very high-quality, such as sound absorption performance is very high-quality And there is no anti-corrosive material.

The surface of the aluminum silicate fiber felt can be used as a filling interlayer for a series of equipment, and they can be used in some vacuum forming raw materials, such as some other raw materials, which can basically be used, and there are also a variety of different raw materials for construction , These are the most basic.


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