Aluminum silicate fiber cotton is also called aluminum silicate fiber cotton. Its main purpose is to be used as a raw material for the production and processing of other forms of refractory products. It is a high-efficiency thermal insulation material. However, under special circumstances, it may cause this new product to become damp. , Water ingress, etc., after this product is damp, will it still have its previous functions?

Aluminum silicate fiber cotton is widely used in high temperature insulation, kiln insulation and other fields, and its performance is relatively good in all aspects, but the biggest drawback is that it is prohibited from being damp or getting wet, otherwise it is equivalent to waste and its performance is greatly reduced. So remind everyone, we must pay attention to waterproof and moisture-proof. After this product enters water, its own performance will be reduced or even no longer. Therefore, buyers and factories and other buyers need to pay attention to measures such as moisture-proof and moisture-proof. Aluminum silicate fiber cotton has many functions and has a wide range of applications. After the water is damp, some of its functions or all of its performance will disappear. Therefore, it is necessary to avoid problems such as dampness of this product, minimize unnecessary losses, and take protective measures to reduce the waste rate of items.

The answer to this question is whether the aluminum silicate fiber cotton has a thermal insulation effect after it enters water. It will affect the product. After this product enters water, its thermal insulation function will be weakened or disappear directly, so in order to prevent this When the problem occurs, we must try to avoid this problem and take various protective measures to prevent this product from getting wet.


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