Many customers called and wanted to know some knowledge about ceramic fiber blankets. Today, the editor will share the relevant information that I have checked with you, hoping to inspire and help you.

Ceramic fiber blanket manufacturers introduce ceramic fiber blanket insulation pipe construction and thermal insulation materials in industrial production. The material has good tensile strength and flatness, and has good manufacturability and stability regardless of low temperature or high temperature construction. , The material has a good use effect, and the volume-to-weight ratio has a great influence.

There is heat transfer between any objects. Ceramic fiber blanket is a new type of environmentally friendly material for heat preservation, and it also needs heat transfer to achieve the effect of heat preservation. Many people wonder whether the higher the bulk density of the material, the better the performance effect, but it is not always true. The thermal conductivity of the fiber blanket decreases with the increase of the bulk density, but if the decrease and fluctuation are gradually reduced, then the thermal conductivity will increase when the density exceeds a certain scale. At different temperatures, a small thermal conductivity corresponds to a small bulk density, and the bulk density corresponding to a small thermal conductivity increases with the increase of temperature.

The bulk density of the ceramic fiber blanket refers to the ratio of the weight of the refractory insulation cotton to the overall material. The bulk density is an index that determines whether the selection of the furnace lining is reasonable, and it is an important factor affecting the thermal conductivity.


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