Ceramic fiber module is a kind of refractory and thermal insulation product with high usage rate in the market. The structure uses needle-punched blanket for folding, built-in anchoring device, and uses mechanical equipment to pre-press, pack and cut the module during molding.

The ceramic fiber folding block is a module without anchors. The structure and appearance are the same as the module, but the density is slightly lower, between 210~230kg/m3.

The faceted block is improved on the basis of the ceramic fiber module. The surface unevenness caused by the manufacturing method of the folded block affects the effect of the anti-scouring paint spraying. The improved faceted block improves this problem. The manufacturing method is the same as the folded block , Just cut off the folded part of the fiber blanket after forming to make the surface of the module flat. Some furnace models have good results after applying this product. Generally speaking, the density of the furnace top fiber module should be 230kg/m3, and the density of the side wall fiber module should be 220kg/m3.


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