In recent years, more and more refractory bricks and castable furnaces have been replaced by ceramic fiber module lightweight furnaces. The main reasons are as follows:

1. The ceramic fiber module is a lightweight refractory material with very low thermal conductivity and high operating temperature (up to 1300 degrees). Compared with the traditional furnace with high thermal conductivity and large heat loss, ceramic fiber has an exceptionally excellent thermal insulation effect.

2. Insulation is the basic configuration of ceramic fiber modules, and fire resistance further improves the performance of ceramic fibers. According to statistics, the holding time of ceramic fiber furnaces is more than ten times that of ordinary furnaces, which is undoubtedly a boon for industrial furnaces.

3. The thermal stability of ceramic fiber is very strong, and the effect of resistance to rapid cold and heat is particularly significant. This ensures the service life of the ceramic fiber furnace, and can easily roll the ordinary furnace that is easy to fry or crack.

The ceramic fiber module has such excellent effect, will it force the traditional furnace to completely withdraw from the stage of history in the near future? The answer is not necessarily.

Even if there are various problems in the traditional refractory brick furnace or pouring furnace, the rationality of their own structure cannot be ignored. For example, excellent resistance to wind erosion is unmatched by ceramic fibers.


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