Domestic high-temperature industrial kilns generally use a composite structure of ceramic fiber modules + ceramic fiber blankets, but for some resistance furnaces or heating elements that need to be buried in the insulation material, the use of traditional ceramic fiber modules will be restricted.

Shandong Heat Shield can customize ceramic fiber special-shaped electric heating modules to solve this technical problem.

The ceramic fiber special-shaped electric heating module is tailor-made according to the equipment used. The position of the heating element is reserved in the ceramic fiber special-shaped part to meet different application environments.

From raw materials to delivery, Shandong Heatdun ceramic fiber special-shaped electric heating module quality is checked layer by layer. The ceramic fiber loose cotton is strictly filtered to remove coarse slag ball particles to ensure that the total content of alumina and silica in the raw material reaches more than 98%. After vacuum suction filtration molding process, drying and calcination, the high temperature performance of the product is extremely stable , The heat preservation effect is remarkable, the appearance is neat and beautiful, and it is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It is the first choice for special-shaped high-temperature equipment.


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