The aluminum silicate fiber blanket has strong resistance to wind erosion and can directly contact the light flame and high-speed airflow. Its fire resistance performance is also very, very good, high temperature performance is stable, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity, high pressure resistance under high temperature conditions; with so many strengths, aluminum silicate fiber blankets are currently on the market. People use it again. The bulk density and thickness are uniform, and the construction and installation are convenient.

Aluminum silicate fiber blankets mostly use self-fusion, continuous melting and spinning production technology to make spun silk filaments, which are interwoven by needles on both sides to make the fibers interwoven. It can be used as a radiant hot surface, integrating fire resistance, heat insulation, and heat preservation. It is used all year round in neutral, chemical and partial reductive atmosphere, and still maintains good intensity and elasticity. The fiber module made of this fiber blanket does not contain an associative agent, has good thermal stability, and is deeply used in thermal insulation and heat resistance such as petrochemical, smelting, and electric power.


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