Potassium sulfate reactor (Mannheim furnace) insulation consists of combustion chamber, reaction chamber, flue, stirring target, burner (two), feeder, discharge port, etc. The reaction chamber of the potassium sulfate furnace is below the combustion chamber, and the flue is below the reaction chamber. The heat generated by the combustion chamber radiates to the materials in the reaction chamber, and the flue waste heat is fully absorbed by the reaction materials.

Potassium sulfate reactor (Mannheim furnace) lining insulation structure: 300mm1460 type zirconium-containing fiber module +30mm1460 type high alumina fiber blanket

The surface of the ceramic fiber module is coated with two layers of curing agent, which is resistant to corrosion and high wind speed.

The ceramic fiber modules are arranged in a battalion type, arranged along the compressed size direction of the ceramic fiber modules. A layer of ceramic fiber blanket with a thickness of 20mm is used between the ceramic fiber modules to be folded in half and compressed, and the “U”-shaped nails are used to maintain a distance of 500-700mm and inserted into the ceramic fiber module to compensate for the possible shrinkage of the non-expanding surface of the fiber. Can produce the best thermal insulation effect.


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