Through the recent customer survey and return visit, we found that many customers are not very clear about ceramic fiber cotton, and we hope that the manufacturer can further explain. Today, the editor will share the relevant information that I have consulted with you, hoping to inspire and help you.

The principle of ceramic fiber cotton structure formation: spray the adhesive on both sides of the fluffy fiber layer. Because there is a certain pressure during spraying and the suction effect of the lower vacuum suction, it can also penetrate into the fiber layer. For the adhesive, the fiber layer sprayed with the adhesive is then dried and cured to bond the junction points between the fibers, while the fibers that are not bonded to each other still have a considerable degree of freedom. At the same time, in the three-dimensional network structure, there are still many open spaces. Therefore, the fiber layer has a porous and high-loft warmth retention effect.


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