Ceramic fiber blankets are often used for thermal insulation pipes due to their characteristics and effects. However, if they want to fully exert their effects, they must be installed and operated normally. So the following editor will share with you the construction operation steps of its pipeline insulation.

1. Clean the old insulation materials and debris on the pipe surface.

2. Cut the ceramic fiber blanket according to the pipe diameter (not torn by hand, use a ruler and cutter).

3. Wrap the blanket around the pipe, close to the pipe wall, pay attention to the splicing seam ≤ 5mm, and keep it flat.

4. Bundling galvanized iron wire (bundling spacing ≤ 200mm), the iron wire must not be continuously wound in a spiral shape, the screw joint should not be too long, and the screw joint should be inserted into the blanket.

5. In order to achieve the required thickness and multi-layer operation, it is necessary to carry out staggered joints and joint filling to ensure smoothness.


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