Will the ceramic fiber blanket become rotten after high temperature use? The answer is no.

Recently, some users have responded that the ceramic fiber blanket is used as a bedding between the calcined materials, and it turns black after being burned, like burnt.

I am correcting here. The ceramic fiber blanket is a blanket-like inorganic thermal insulation material knitted from ceramic fiber cotton formed by spraying or spinning. During normal use, it will not turn black or burn out, and its service life can reach 10 years. Only when used in an over-temperature environment for a long time, it will slowly pulverize.

The situation reported by users is more like the result of over-temperature use of ceramic fiber paper.

Ceramic fiber paper is made of ceramic fiber cotton, added with binder, and processed by beating, shaping, drying and cutting. Among them, the adhesive contains organic matter. After encountering high temperature, the adhesive will volatilize. When encountering an open flame, the organic adhesive will burn and produce peculiar smell, and will make the paper black. If it is rubbed during use, it will appear The phenomenon of black and embarrassing reactions from users.

In addition, the ceramic fiber board containing the binder will also appear black in the early stage of use, and it will return to normal after the organic matter has evaporated.

It is recommended that users who want to make flexible partitions can choose ceramic fiber blankets; for open flame rigid partitions or gaskets, ceramic fiber boards can be selected; if materials with high refractoriness and strong toughness are required, ceramic fiber textiles can be selected.


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