The fire resistance of the ceramic fiber blanket is conceptually different from the maximum use temperature. It can be seen from the AL2O3-SiO2 binary phase diagram that the temperature below the liquid-solid phase line is its refractoriness, which can also be called High-temperature anti-melting temperature or high-temperature anti-softening temperature, the maximum use temperature is determined by several indicators of refractory fiber, such as fiber shrinkage, fiber crystallizing amount, fiber crystal grain size, etc.

In refractory materials, where the content of Al2O3 is greater than 38%, its refractoriness is 1580-1750°C. In general, its maximum use temperature is 300-350°C lower than the refractoriness. The Al2O3 content of refractory fibers is greater than 38%, and their refractoriness is also around 1750℃, but the maximum operating temperature is very different from it. Generally speaking, when ceramic fiber blankets and other products are used alone, only the use temperature of the fiber is used instead of the refractoriness.


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