In our daily life, aluminum silicate needle-punched felt is not common, but we know that it is aluminum silicate refractory fiber felt, a kind of refractory material. This kind of refractory material is very versatile and can be used in the chemical industry, construction industry, Electronics industry and so on. Today, the editor of Heat Shield introduces the processing method of aluminum silicate needle felt. Before understanding the processing method, let’s first understand what is the aluminum silicate needle felt.

1. Introduction of aluminum silicate needle felt

Aluminum silicate needled felt is a kind of lightweight ceramic fiber thermal insulation material. Its advantages are white color, regular size, fire resistance, heat insulation, and heat preservation in the body, without any binder. When used in a neutral and oxidizing atmosphere for a long time, the aluminum silicate needled felt can still maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure. The temperature resistance is 950-1400℃. It has chemical stability, thermal stability, sound absorption and noise reduction performance, high tensile strength, low thermal conductivity and low heat capacity. Aluminum silicate needled felt, also called ceramic fiber needled blanket, is the main raw material of ceramic fiber module, which is the insulation material of industrial kiln wall lining.

Because aluminum silicate needled felt has so many advantages, it is often used in various fields such as chemical industry, construction industry, electronics industry, industry, air conditioning and refrigeration.

2. Processing method of aluminum silicate needle felt

The aluminum silicate insulation material itself is harmless to the human body. Its components are silica and alumina, which are directly eliminated from the body after being absorbed by the human body, so it is non-toxic. Aluminum silicate can cause dust pollution. During the installation of aluminum silicate insulation material, a large number of floating fiber particles will be produced. This kind of floating fiber particles will enter the lungs of the body with the breathing of workers, and part of them will pass through the breathing. Excluding the body, the other part will remain on the mucous membrane of the lungs (a small amount, which is difficult to cause harm to the body), which will have a definite effect on the lungs over time.

Therefore, everyone needs to take safety measures in the construction project, wear a filter breathing device, and after construction, need to ventilate, so as to avoid harm.

The aluminum silicate needled felt adopts advanced CWCN equipment and a double-sided needle felt assembly line. The equipment and production process are at the advanced level. A variety of aluminum silicate fiber needle punched blankets are made of materials of different materials (such as scorched gemstone, SiO2, Al2O3, zircon sand, etc.) through sedimentation needle punching, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, rolling and other processes to make. The texture is uniform, the surface is smooth, and it has excellent tensile strength. Because the aluminum silicate needled felt does not contain a binder, the heat resistance is greatly improved.

A variety of aluminum silicate needled felts are produced by spinning fiber-forming technology to produce ordinary, high-purity, high-aluminum, and zirconium-containing aluminum silicate fiber cotton, which are processed by needling, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, and rolling. production. All kinds of needle-punched blankets not only have the same excellent properties as the corresponding varieties of bulk aluminum silicate fiber cotton, but also have excellent tensile strength. The needle felt has a uniform texture and a smooth surface. Needle felts with different capacities and different thicknesses provide users with a wide range of materials for selection, and have obtained structural and energy-saving benefits.

A certain proportion of binder is added when the aluminum silicate cotton is sprayed to form the aluminum silicate felt after the hot air in the curing chamber penetrates and is shaped. The aluminum silicate blanket is the choice that can take on such a big task. It realizes the lightening of the kiln roof and the kiln wall, and the veneer faces the indoor side. This outstanding performance makes it have good applications in more fields. This is aluminum silicate adhesive The binder is volatilized, and the material of the aluminum silicate fiber blanket is a new type of lightweight refractory material.

Aluminum silicate roll felt is mainly used in places requiring high temperature toughness and high self-supporting strength; and it can also be used in places with high air velocity and high mechanical damage. Ceramic fiber blankets can be used in these occasions. The ceramic fiber blanket has strong resistance to wind erosion and can directly contact flames and high-speed air currents. Its fire resistance is also very good, high temperature performance is stable, thermal shock resistance, low heat capacity, high compressive strength under high temperature conditions.

3. Productivity of aluminum silicate fiber felt

1. Low thermal conductivity, low bulk density and good heat preservation performance. It is manufactured by a series of processes such as different materials, heat setting, vertical and horizontal cutting, rolling, etc. It does not contain any bonding agent, has a relatively uniform texture and excellent tensile strength, and its heat resistance is excellent.

2. Used in industrial kilns, heating devices, high-temperature pipeline wall linings, power boilers, gas turbines and nuclear power insulation, chemical

Industrial high-temperature reaction equipment and wall linings of heating equipment, building materials industry glass kiln insulation, high-rise building fire protection, heat insulation, welding parts stress-relieving heat insulation, special-shaped metal castings stress-relieving heat insulation, furnace door top cover insulation Heat and high temperature filter material. It can still be used for a long time in a neutral and easily oxidizing atmosphere

3. Maintain good tensile strength, toughness and fiber structure.


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