The ceramic fiber module is a kind of fibrous lightweight refractory material, the main chemical component is aluminum silicate. According to its mineral composition, it can be divided into two categories: glass fiber and polycrystalline fiber. Glass fiber is an amorphous solid fiber formed by a molten liquid during cooling; polycrystalline fiber is mostly formed by colloid blowing (or spinning method) and calcined at high temperature.

Ceramic fiber modules are widely used in thermal insulation and high temperature resistant materials of various types of thermal kilns. Because their capacity is much lower than other refractory materials, the heat storage is small and the heat insulation effect is obvious. As a lining material, it can greatly reduce thermal kilns. The loss of energy has brought a revolution for thermal kilns in terms of energy saving. On the other hand, its application technology and methods have also brought a revolution to the masonry of thermal kilns.

Ceramic fiber modules mostly use self-fusion, continuous fusion and continuous spinning production processes to make spun filament long fibers, which are interwoven by double-sided needle punching, which can be directly used as a flame hot surface, integrating fire resistance, heat insulation, and heat preservation. Long-term use in neutral, oxidizing and partial reducing atmospheres can still maintain good strength and toughness. The fiber module made of this fiber blanket does not contain a bonding agent, has good thermal stability, and is widely used in thermal insulation and heat resistance fields such as petrochemical, metallurgy, and electric power.


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