1. Ceramic fiber products are suitable for door sealing and furnace mouth curtains of various thermal insulation industrial furnaces.

2. High temperature flue, duct bushing, expansion joint.

3. High temperature heat insulation and heat preservation of petrochemical equipment, containers and pipelines.

4. Protective clothing, gloves, headgear, helmet, boots, etc. under high temperature environment.

5. The heat shield of the car engine, the wrapping of the exhaust pipe of the heavy oil engine, and the composite brake conflict pad of the high-speed racing car.

6. Sealing packing and gasket for pumps, compressors and valves that transport high temperature liquids and gases.

7. Ceramic fiber products can be used for insulation of high-temperature electrical appliances.

8. Fireproof sewing products such as fire doors, fire curtains, fire blankets, mats for sparking and heat insulation covers.

9. Ceramic fiber products are suitable for thermal insulation, thermal insulation materials and brake conflict pads used in the aerospace and aviation industries.

10. Thermal insulation and wrapping of cryogenic equipment, containers and pipes.

11. Ceramic fiber products can be used in high-end office buildings, such as archives, vaults, safes and other important places of insulation, fire barriers, and active fire curtains.


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