In today’s rapid economic development, thermal insulation materials are of great significance for improving people’s working and living environment and saving energy.

The achievement of thermal insulation mainly depends on its heat transfer characteristics. Then the nature of the lower thermal conductivity of the material is gas (except hydrogen), it is at rest is a low thermal conductivity and low thermal capacity of the material. The thermal conductivity of ceramic fibers is close to that of gases. This is because ceramic fibers are interwoven with solid fibers, filled with gases, and have a porosity of up to 90%.

The heat transfer of ceramic fiber modules and other materials is affected by the following factors:

1. Influence of stomatal ratio

Thermal insulation materials at all temperatures have a better porosity, that is, volume density, within which thermal insulation is best. Therefore, the ceramic fiber modules are divided into several grades according to the service temperature, and the density is adjusted accordingly in the range of 210 to 260 according to the service conditions.

2. The influence of atmosphere

The low thermal conductivity of ceramic fiber modules is built on the premise of most gases, but ceramic fiber products are not applicable if there are high thermal gases such as hydrogen or helium gas in the use environment.

3. Impact of bulk density

For ceramic fiber, to maintain a low thermal conductivity, the better density of ceramic fiber products is below 250kg/m3 and the porosity is above 90%.

4. Directional influence

Ceramic fiber blanket or ceramic fiber board in the forming process, the length and width of the area is the main direction. In addition, the thermal conductivity coefficient of the front side of the fiber products is much smaller than that of the side. Therefore, in the application process, the back side of the fiber products is close to the furnace wall, while the front side is the high-temperature contact surface, so the fiber products cannot be installed perpendicular to the furnace wall.


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