The volume density of ceramic fiber blanket will affect the performance and use effect of the product itself to a certain extent, because its volume density is the ratio of the weight of refractory insulation cotton and the material as a whole, the size of the volume density is the index that decides whether the lining is chosen reasonably, it is the important factor that affects the thermal conductivity coefficient. Therefore, in the purchase of this product, for this aspect must be taken seriously, so to say back, its volume density and what factors?

Any object, there is heat transfer between ceramic fiber blanket is a new kind of environmental protection material for insulation also needs to achieve the effect of heat preservation through heat transfer, a lot of people wonder whether the material density is higher, the performance effect will be better, in fact not at all, the thermal conductivity coefficient of fiber blanket along with the increase of bulk density decreases, but if the decline and gradually reduce small, so the density exceeds the must be the size of the coefficient of thermal conductivity will be added. At different temperatures, a small thermal conductivity corresponds to a small volume density, and the volume density corresponding to a small thermal conductivity will be added with the increase of temperature.

So no matter be when carpet of ceramic fiber of choose and buy or installation is used, should pay close attention to its volume density the problem of this one side more, avoid other exterior factor to affect its volume density, affect its use result thereby.


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