Through to the customer pays a return visit we found recently, although there are instructions, but there are some people on the ceramic fiber board is not very understanding, to which attention should be paid to some places are ignored, not play well in all the properties of the ceramic fiber board, small make up the pretreatment of the ceramic fiber board again today to discuss with you, hope to bring you the help. The following knowledge will be explained in detail:

1. Surface pretreatment: clean the surface of ceramic fiber board by chemical or physical methods, exposing the pure matrix, so as to obtain a complete and compact artificial oxide film, and also obtain the mirror or matt surface by mechanical means.

2. Anodic oxidation: Under certain technological conditions, anodic oxidation occurs on the surface of the surface of the ceramic fiber board that has been pretreated to form a compact, porous, strong adsorptive AL203 film layer.

: 3, sealing hole will be generated after anodic oxidation membrane pore sealing of porous oxide film, make ceramic fiber board oxidation membrane pollution prevention and enhancing the resistance to corrosion and wear resistance, the oxide film is colorless, transparent, oxide film before using hole sealing strong adsorption, in some metal salts adsorption sedimentation of film hole, can make the profiles look show ecru outside of many colors, such as: color black, bronze, gold and stainless steel etc.


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