The long-term service temperature of the ceramic fiber module containing zirconium should also be determined according to the specific application. If the service environment is good, no internal collision, no vibration, no reducing atmosphere and no high-temperature iron scale etching, the service temperature is 1200-1260 degrees.

Although the service temperature of zirconium ceramic fiber module is high, its strength is not enough, especially in air erosion and corrosion atmosphere, its service life is not long. In recent years also adopted some measures such as protection coating, but the effect is not good. Therefore, it is not recommended to use in areas with relatively poor environment.

The effect of ceramic fiber module is very remarkable. Taking continuous heating furnace as an example, this product has the following advantages:

1. Significant energy saving effect and significant reduction of heat loss;

2. For the heating furnace, ceramic fiber module structure can reduce the mold cost, shorten the construction period and save the construction cost.

3. The reduction of cooling water can effectively save the power and water resources of the water supply pump.

4, reduce energy consumption, reduce the furnace combustion pollutant emissions, to reduce the environmental load.


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