The environment in which the aluminosilicate blanket is placed also affects its quality. So what do you do to keep it the same as it was when it was first produced? Today, xiaobian will explain for you.

Aluminosilicate fiber blanket is well known for its high temperature resistance, strong impact resistance, good ductility, high fire resistance and wear resistance. It is also an excellent aluminosilicate product, mainly used in aviation, high temperature manufacturing and other industries that need to put forward extremely high requirements for products. As a manufacturer, after producing a large number of fiber blankets, we must maintain inventory and maintain products to give customers the best quality products.

Aluminosilicate fiber blankets are usually placed in the manufacturer’s warehouse, but different products have different requirements for the warehouse environment. Aluminum silicate fiber blanket is mainly aluminum silicate. Although it has some anti-corrosion properties, it cannot be mixed with strong base and acid in some storage, which will lead to the failure of aluminosilicate fiber blanket. Secondly, the warehouse should not be too wet or directly exposed to the sun. Both are not conducive to the storage of fiber blankets, which can lead to breakage or mildew, so avoid extreme conditions of both. Last but not least, we have to pack it and treat it with dustproof.


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