How to use ceramic fiber cloth better. The ceramic fiber fabric of ceramic fiber cloth has many excellent properties, so it is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, shipbuilding, aerospace, automobile and other industries for fire prevention, heat preservation, sealing, friction braking, high temperature filtration and labor protection.

Currently, ceramic fiber products include fillers, ropes, boards, carpets, woven and knitted fabrics. For example, during the preparation of aluminum silicate fiber, the fiber of the fiber layer condensates into a certain thickness, and then the aluminum silicate fiber felt made by means of acupuncture or chemical bonding can be used as an industrial furnace and expansion joint filler lining. Aluminum silicate fiber paper machine production. It can be used as high temperature furnace and hot air main, electrical insulation, high temperature gas filtration materials; In addition, a certain proportion of ceramic fiber and ordinary fiber blended yarn. Or directly woven or knitted with ceramic fiber wire rope; It can be used in all kinds of industrial furnaces and insulation pipes, sealing materials, personnel thermal barrier, high temperature cable high temperature working environment, protective clothing and other coating materials at the opening and industrial furnaces.

Ceramic fibers can also be combined with other materials to form high-performance ceramic composites. Due to the incorporation of the fiber and the matrix material, the composite has better properties, such as color fastness, hardness, and electrical properties, than the matrix binder or simple erbium-doped fiber. It can be widely used in high insulation, corrosion resistant materials, toughness sealing materials, bearings, brake devices. With the improvement of cost and reliability, ceramic fiber cloth and its products have greater application potential.


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