We still need to further understand the influence of aluminum silicate fiber board on the bending strength after roasting in the shaped shell. In terms of the study on the self-weight deformation of aluminum silicate fiber board at high temperature in the shaped shell, the fiber diameter of aluminum silicate fiber board is different, which indicates that some single fillet fibers are stretched in the process of bending and breaking. Shell residue, obviously show that fiber combined with matrix type shell and firm, under load, its strength is improved effectively, necking phenomenon in a fiber, this shows that the fracture of fiber reinforced composite shell is not only a shell fracture of matrix, and its failure modes include fiber pull out, fracture form and interface debonding. After composite shell under load, the formation of the tip of the crack extension, when cracks through the body shell which meet with fiber, crack may bifurcate, toward the direction parallel to the fiber, which extend along the interface, whether along the substrate or along the interface, will form a new surface, thus increasing the energy consumed during fracture, which have the effect of compound enhancement. In the fracture morphology, part of the fibers that were not broken along with the shell samples could be seen intact through the shell, and their distribution was relatively uniform in direction, that is, the strengthening effect was aimed at all directions of the shell. With the increase of the amount of fibers, the bending strength of the aluminum silicate fiber board would also increase after the roasting of the shell.


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