Through this period of understanding, I believe that everyone is familiar with aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket, but for customers who want to further understand the relevant knowledge of this product, these contents are still not enough. Today xiaobian on the role of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket knowledge to share with you, I hope to cause your attention, let you have a deep understanding of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket. So when you buy and use aluminosilicate ceramic fiber blanket can also do know, not in a hurry, I hope to inspire you and help.

Aluminosilicate ceramic fiber blanket is now very popular insulation material, but what role does aluminosilicate ceramic fiber blanket have? How much do you know? Let’s take a look at aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket common sense!

Fiber materials are used with its loose interlacing characteristics, aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket application in the construction of its play an important role.

In fact, there are a large number of tiny pores in the fiber blanket, which is a typical porous acoustic absorbing material. In fact, this kind of material still has unknown acoustic absorbing characteristics.

The sound-absorbing characteristics of aluminum silicate ceramic fiber blanket are not only related to thickness and bulk density, but also related to the components such as cover material and structure. Of course, many products need to take into account the cost, elegance, fire prevention, moisture, dust, aging resistance and other aspects, but also to ensure a healthy environment.


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