Ceramic fiber blanket layer structure, according to the different working temperature of each layer blanket choose different temperature grade, density, thickness of ceramic fiber blanket, material selection flexible, high cost performance; The lamination structure makes the fiber direction parallel to the heat transfer direction of the furnace wall, the furnace lining has good adiabatic performance, and the heat dissipation loss is greatly reduced.

1. Ceramic fiber blanket lay-up structure shall be tested and arranged before construction; When construction, ceramic fiber blanket upper and lower layers should be laid at fault, the paste between layer and layer is firm.

2. Provisions on alumina content of ceramic fiber blanket; The Al2O3 content of ordinary type is not less than 45%. The standard alumina content is 46%; The high purity alumina content is 47%. High alumina content is 52-55%.

3, the thickness of ceramic fiber furnace lining to meet the requirements of insulation design. Measurement method: the length and width are measured and recorded, and nine measurement points are marked. When measuring, place the needle thickness gauge disc on the sample horizontally, align the disk hole with the measurement point, and carefully insert the cursor tip down into the disk hole. When the needle tip contacts the sample, gently press the cursor, so that the needle tip penetrates the sample and touches the glass plate before reading the thickness.

4, ceramic fiber blanket furnace lining installation is completed, the fiber surface should be smooth and beautiful, extrusion compact. Apply splint to flatten uneven places; The larger gap is filled with ceramic fiber blanket cotton to ensure good sealing performance of fiber lining.


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